You take care of the electrical equipment in your home as much as you can, keeping fixtures and electronic gadgets free of dust and away from any sources of water. However, if a power surge damages the inside of an electronic device, there’s not much you can do. Power surges may occur unexpectedly for any number of reasons. Lightning is often the cause of power surges, but other factors such as birds, squirrels, and trees interfering with power lines can also cause short circuits that can lead to a power surge. Construction work, demand fluctuations in your home, and auto accidents involving utility poles can have the same effect. But you can take preventive action with professional surge protection services.

Types of Surge Protection

Type 1

Type 1 surge protectors are installed in front of your home’s electrical meter. These types of surge protectors, also known as meter socket surge protectors, divert power surges into the ground before an electrical surge can enter your home.

Type 2

Type 2 surge protectors are installed directly in your electrical panel, on the load side. A type 2 surge protector redirects excess electricity before it can reach your electrical panel and flood it.

Type 3

Type 3 surge protection relates to surge protection strips, which offer minimal surge protection.

Our trained experts can help you determine which type or types of  surge protection will be best for your home. If you already have whole–home surge protection and need an expert to repair or replace an existing protector, our professionals are here to help.

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