Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more common, and so is the need to charge these vehicles. Like any battery-operated device, electric vehicles need to be charged, but the setup is more involved than the charger you use for your laptop or smartphone. EV charging systems are available in public areas, but these charging stations may not be conveniently located, and they’re often in high demand. The ability to charge your EV at home is convenient and ensures your vehicle will be ready to go when you hit the road. Whether you are new to electric vehicles and you need a new electric vehicle charger install, or if you want to update your existing charging setup, you have options, and we can help.

Types of EV Charging Stations

Level 1

This type of EV charger uses 110- to 120-volt AC power. The charging cable included with most electric vehicles is Level 1 and can plug into a standard wall outlet. Level 1 charging is not very fast, and it can take up to 20 hours to fully charge a vehicle.

Level 2

A Level 2 EV charger uses a 240-volt circuit, which is usually used for most clothes dryers. Once you have a 240V outlet, you can plug your EV directly into the outlet or install a charging station. Level 2 charging systems can power up a battery much more quickly, often in just a few hours.

Level 3

Commercial charging stations that utilize DC power are categorized as Level 3. A Level 3 EV charger can restore a dead battery in 30 to 60 minutes. Level 3 EV chargers are used in commercial settings since they require more power than most residential electrical grids can support.

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